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The beginning.

Between crystals, semiprecious stones, pearls, chamois, leather and seeds the brand was born in 1998, working in its beginnings with an ethnichic style Vicmary Pimentel gives life to a project inspired by the fusion of elements.

Then she incorporates the goldwork to the composition of each work, contributing new techniques and enriching her collections to give way to unique jewels.

Unique pieces.

Leja Accesorios offers unique pieces full of personality where the quality and exclusivity make of each product a jewel of impeccable finishes.

The pieces are handcrafted with precious and semiprecious stones, original Swarovski crystals, noble metals such as gold, silver and semi-precious metals such as copper with fine gold baths.

To whom are the pieces directed?

Each design is born with the illusion of creating an emotional bond with its owners, to add life and style to the image of those who use them.

They feel in every movement of the metal and contrast of colors the joy and passion with which they are made.

Leja Accessories is for those who feel identified with the unique and special details of each jewel made with dedication.

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